Evangelist Declares ‘No Woman Wearing Trousers Has Ever and Will Ever Enter Heaven’ in Viral Post


This week a Nigerian evangelist shared his polarizing thoughts on a woman's clothing being the sole criteria for their admittance to heaven.

This week a Nigerian evangelist, Dapo Soyemi, took to social media to share his dramatic, and unbiblical, thoughts on a woman’s clothing being the sole criteria for her admittance to heaven.

Apparently to Soyemi, gone are the days of “by grace alone” and Christ’s shed blood being enough to redeem; and instead it’s a woman’s daring decision to done trousers that denies her access to an eternity with Jesus.

As poignantly articulated by Legit on the subject, “the matter of decency remains a debated issue in most religions despite the liberal view generally held…” However, Soyemi’s polarizing teachings highlight that there “are some people who still hold strongly to their stringent belief on the matter.”

Soyemi’s post reads [emphasis his], “NO WOMAN WEARING TROUSERS HAS EVER AND WILL EVER ENTER HEAVEN. Your OBJECTION cannot change the TRUTH OF GOD.”

Since it’s publishing, many outlets and social media users have pushed it to the viral forefront. With users besides themselves in shock at Soyemi’s condemning and biblically ungrounded words to almost the entirety of the planet’s female population: “Gateman of heaven, holder of the book of life, dispenser of judgment, God’s P.A…we hear you sir” and “Where in the Bible are trousers stated to be a man’s clothing, please?”