Devotional: Seek God’s Wisdom for the Answer You Need

Love's Safety

Devotional: Seek God’s Wisdom for the Answer You Need


Love's Safety

Wisdom beckons you. Walk with Wisdom. Seek Wisdom. Know Wisdom. You need to know her more.

What’s ahead, all that I have planned, requires closeness. It requires Wisdom’s bolts and levees. There is a precision of insight that I desire to bestow upon you. I desire my mind to be upon you, within you and constantly leading you. Renewed continually, from glory to glory.

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I don’t scorn intelligence, I honor it. I created it and I long for you to see. Come see how I see. Come know IQ’s proper place. See the majesty I desire to paint with your mind infused with my glory. See the hope and solutions I desire to well up through you to a hurt, dry and weary land.

Don’t hold back. Cast the nets out. Again and again. Don’t stop shy of the great reward. Become like me—the Hope of all glory. Me, the one that resides in you and desires to be bigger than you imagined through you.

Seek me. Seek the breath of my mind. Don’t be afraid of knowing more. Don’t be afraid of seeing deeper and further. For lack of vision my people perish.

I need you to see. I need you to come to my well and drink. I have much to show you, much to delight you with. Much I know you long to see. Don’t fear the steps you must take, the daily discipline of pursuit. Your heart longs for this anchoring. It recognizes the valiant reward of its focused efforts.

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Keeping coming. Keep seeking. I will be found by you.

Wisdom, let that be what you seek. For I give unlike the world gives. I give for solution’s sake, not so that selfishness can feast.

Come be the answer. Come be the hope. Come and be like me.  

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