A Prayer for Those Needing Clarity Today

A Prayer for Those Needing Clarity Today


God does something supernatural and incredible when we agree together in His name. You may often pray together with your community at church, but have you ever been a part of prayer that is overflowing through the internet? In this episode of Box of Prayers, Becky Thompson invites you to do just that.

Within the prayer box, Becky reads a recent request from S, “Please pray that I will have clarity in my mind.” Becky wisely recognizes that it’s not only S who can benefit from the clarity that God has to offer, so she extends this prayer to everyone who may also be seeking more wisdom in their life. She praises God. “I thank You that You are not the author of confusion, but You are the finisher of our faith.”

As we all unite together in this prayer, Becky reminds us that God has the power to remove all distractions and provide supernatural clarity.

If we can pray for you, please email us at prayerbox@lightworkers.com.


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