Ed Sheeran Sings Karaoke with Surprised Young Super Fan


This precious moment of Ed Sheeran surprising a stunned 13-year-old super-fan during karaoke will brighten your day!


Ed Sheeran is entirely lovable. His songs make us fall in love every day. During a performance of Thinking Out Loud, this teenager was about to perform the duet of a lifetime. The catch? She had no idea! Sheeran had a plan to invade the moment, and he could not resist jumping in once he heard the tune.

13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau was singing Sheeran’s song for a fundraiser for the local Humane Society.  Sydney shared about the experience, “I was like, should I stop? I didn’t want to stop, but I wanted to talk to him. This is, like, the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Sheeran is a master at this! He has also done pop-up performances at weddings. This English superstar loves connecting with his fans and even giving back. Sheeran visited the Boston Children’s Hospital last year, and sang songs, hugged patients and brightened everyone’s day.

The karaoke duet was a total moment of spontaneity for Sheeran. We love his authentic lyrics and the special connection he has with his fans. We leave you with one of our favorite Ed Sheeran quotes, “Be nice to everyone, always smile and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow.”