Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage


That foundation of marriage is held together and built upon by a combination of perseverance, trust, laughter and—you guessed it—the little things. Here are some easy ways to strengthen your marriage.


Marriage is a beautiful, challenging, life-long journey with the person you committed to spending forever with. And, as we all have been told at one point or another, forever is a long time. Whether you are a newlywed or a seasoned spouse, every marriage faces ups and downs—this is to be expected when you spend every day of every week of every year with your partner.

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Knowing that marriage has peaks and valleys, avoid a marital tailspin and instead, learn to smoothly navigate through each stage of your relationship by consciously doing the little things for your spouse. While grand gestures make for incredible surprises, the little things are the pieces to the marital puzzle that make life with your soulmate positively joyful.


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This is what I mean by the little things.

Think back to your fondest childhood or adolescent memory. When I jog my memory back to those formidable days, I smile thinking about the times my mom surprised me with my favorite meal, fettuccine alfredo with grilled vegetables, or when my best friend, Taylor, used to walk me home from her house, three doors down from her home, because I was afraid of the dark for longer than I care to admit.

That foundation [of marriage] is held together and built upon by a combination of perseverance, trust, laughter and—you guessed it—the little things.

Simply put, the little things stand out, and will always stand out, as some of my fondest memories. Those were gestures given from the heart. They weren’t fancy presents or over-the-top gestures.

My fondest memories were considerate acts from the heart.

In a marriage, the little things show you are thinking of your partner.
The little things show how important he or she is to you.
The little things strengthen a marriage.

The profound commitment you and your spouse made to one another is the initial groundwork you laid together in order to build a strong institution. That foundation is held together and built upon by a combination of perseverance, trust, laughter and—you guessed it—the little things. The little things provide a space of comfort, making memories to last a lifetime, especially when anniversaries and holidays roll around.


February, the month of love, is an extra special time of year when love not only fills the air but the shelves of stores and bakeries too. Aside from the festive occasion, showing your partner you truly love them should be practiced regularly and not just when heart-shaped chocolates are in abundance. Showing love is more about the priceless gestures—compliments and sweet surprises, all of which make a person feel truly loved.

Cook for your partner.
Write a love note.
Share a thoughtful compliment.
Give a sweet surprise.
Show extra love and affection.

When all is said and done, the little things are what will see your marriage through. Kindness, consideration, generosity and selflessness—those qualities will shine in your relationship for years to come, far beyond the material.

So, make the little things the big things, doing for your spouse, again and again.

Honey, if you’re reading this, thank you for always doing the little things. They have filled my heart in a big, big way.

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