Easy Personalized DIY Hand-Stamped Wrapping Paper


Personalizing gifts really does make the person on the receiving end feel special. Ana Pierce is back with her latest DIY to help give your gifts that finishing touch.
Photo by Ana Pierce/


One thing that can make any gift instantly more personal is thoughtful wrapping. I think I learned this trick from my mom during days of wrapping a gift in a bride’s color palette if we were on the way to a bridal shower. Likewise, we’d always consider the “theme” of a baby shower as well and incorporate it into the presentation of our gift.

But you can do this for any ‘ole gift for any (and every) occasion. It’s super easy; here we go:

Hand-Stamped Wrapping Paper


Photo by Ana Pierce/

Supplies Needed:

  • wrapping paper (use white for a lighter color to show up well)
  • ink pad (or multiple ink pads for a varied color effect)
  • stamp(s) to fit a theme



1. Choose a wrapping paper and stamp that fits the friend you’re giving a gift to.

  • If you’re gifting a sports lover, consider using themed stamps.
  • A gardener will appreciate florals.
  • And a kid may love some carefree cartoon characters.
  • Pick out a stamp color that matches your theme.

2. Cut the wrapping paper to the size needed to wrap your gift.

3. Stamp away! You can stamp up, down, upside down, etc. to create a fun, varied pattern.

4. Let dry. Don’t forget this step!

5. Wrap your gift in the personalized wrapping paper.

Overall, this DIY is super easy to accomplish, but it has memorable results. Your friends will really appreciate that you took the time and energy to create something special just for them!