LISTEN: Duck Dynasty Star’s Daughter Captures Class Singing Worship During School Shooter Lockdown


A group of students at a high school in Louisiana responded to a potential active shooter crisis in the most profound way—by singing praises to the Lord.

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Will Maule

Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson revealed on Facebook that his daughter Mia was one of those caught up in a recent school shooter incident, which caused the school to go into full lockdown. Two men claiming to be bounty hunters were eventually detained by police, according to the Monroe News Star.

But it was the student choir’s response when their lives were under threat that has caught the attention of so many. Instead of responding in fear, they worshipped in faith.

“This will give you chills,” Robertson wrote in a caption to the video.

“Mia and her choir were under lockdown today, still unaware of the unfolding situation with two armed men on campus. The choir broke out in song, worshipping their Great God Almighty, and Mia filmed it in the dark while they waited for answers.”

“Praise God Almighty, praise God Almighty,” the choir declared as they waited to be given the all-clear by the police.

What a stunning, faith-filled response to such immediate danger!

Many responded to Jase’s Facebook post with declarations of thanks and praise.

“Praising God for His protection and for the Holy Spirit’s strength and power in that place!” one person wrote. “So thankful that your sweet girl and the rest of the kids and staff were not harmed. What a Mighty God we serve!”

The lockdown, which has now been lifted upon the arrest of the two suspects, saw kids huddling together in closets and storage rooms. “We were all locked in a storage closet in the shop of one of the buildings and I didn’t have service in there and there were like 30 of us crammed into this little closet,” one student told KNOE.

West Monroe Police Chief Jeff Terrell noted the police response was extremely fast, partly due to the fact the police department has a substation located on the school campus.

“We have officers here all the time,” he said.

“This morning we initiated a lock-down on our West Monroe High School campus with the discovery of two unauthorized armed men,” the High School wrote in a Facebook post following the incident. “The Administration immediately locked down in order to keep students out of harm’s way. We are thankful for the quick actions of our law enforcement partners, staff, and faculty to ensure everyone’s safety this time and anytime a lock-down is needed.”

The two men have been charged with carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon on school property, unlawful disruption of the operation of a public school and criminal trespass.