Dog Abandoned in Park with ‘FREE’ Written on Her in Permanent Marker, People Line up to Adopt


An adorable puppy was heartbreakingly abandoned in a park with "FREE" and other words written all over her body in permanent marker. A story that thankfully ends triumphantly.


An adorable puppy was found abandoned in a park with the words “FREE DOG” and “GOOD HOME ONLY” written all over her fur. The person who did this to the dog admits she did wrong, and it was a mistake in a hasty turn of events.

Kendra Stafford, the previous owner of the pup, stated that she had tried for weeks to find a new owner and contacted several shelters that would not take the canine. She decided to leave him in a park in his cage, but could not find a piece of paper to attach to the cage. She wrote on the dog hastily with a permanent marker, which she now regrets.

Stafford was charged with animal cruelty, neglect and having an animal without a license. The media coverage has not been very forgiving of the incident. “This is a whole new level of LOW!” viewers on social media exclaimed.

The Ross County Humane Society took the dog in. The office manager Sarah Cantrell told TODAY “We were all kind of shocked. It just seems like a childish thing to do.” Sarah continued about the pup “She’s healthy and sweet and thankfully did not suffer from heat exposure.”

The lab-mix puppy also had written on one side “I AM A GIFT FROM GOD.” Animals are truly a gift from God and we should treat them appropriately. The proper way of being released of an animal should be by securing a new home for them or surrendering it to a shelter. Marvella is the name of this miracle pup who survived. She has since been adopted into a happy home after news of her abandonment broke.

The Ross County Humane Society announced, “After sorting through the hundreds of applications we received from across the nation, Linette Wrightsel and her family will be giving Marvella a loving and stable home.”