Does God Sometimes Test Our Faith by Letting Hard Times Happen to Us?


When we are faced with challenges in life, it can feel as if God abandoned us. During these times, it’s important to remember that God wants us to reach out to Him in order to find strength and assurance.

God knows what the best plan is for our lives. Often, this feels like too much for us to grasp. This is because we have to rely on Him without knowing the full picture. Without His grace, forgiveness and love, we won’t be able to live to the full potential God has in mind for us. 

When we ask the question of whether or not God tests us, it’s important to remember the overarching importance of what we are asking. Tests will come in our lives, but if we always assume that this is God, we may begin to resent Him.

Instead, we should remember that God is in control. Whenever we feel tested and challenged by the world, we should remember that we are not alone. While God may not be intentionally “testing” us in a cruel way, He is certainly involved in a plan for our lives. He is preparing us and making us ready for whatever may lie ahead.

A form of testing happens through spiritual warfare, as well. We can’t always know the extent to which we may be facing spiritual odds, but when we feel especially tested, it’s important to remember that our earthly view is limited.

At times, we may not even know how the people around us are being tested. Some trials are public and obvious, but others are easy to hide. This is a situation where our actions and attitudes towards others are especially vital. By encouraging others in their walk, we might play a crucial role in helping them overcome whatever struggle they are facing.

When we are faced with trials, it’s important to remember that God wants us to come to Him with our burdens. He doesn’t want us to fight alone. As Christians, we aren’t meant to live life in isolation. We are called to be in a community, to have others around us who can come alongside and fight our battles with us.

When we feel as if we are in the midst of a test, one of the worst things we can do is keep this to ourselves. It is important to speak the truth of our experiences and bring other Christians in to guide us, teach us and pray for us. It may be impossible to understand what God is doing, or how a difficult period of time could be beneficial to our lives. But that is where faith comes in. We are called to trust God, even when we don’t know what He is doing.