Do This If You’re In a Transitional Season with God


It can be difficult to maintain a level of balance and a hopeful perspective when going through times of transition. In order to do this in a healthy way, it is important to look around and remember how much you have come through in the past.

Sometimes life shifts and we find ourselves in circumstances we may not have been expecting. When this happens, it’s important to focus on the resilience of our natures and seek encouragement from faith, family and friends. Unexpected turns in life can be tragic, but even when they are seemingly mundane, they can still be difficult to get through. These situations can arise when we find ourselves in an “in-between stage” of life. Times of transition can be exciting and fruitful, but they can also add stress to our thought processes and force us to focus on the negative aspects of our situation rather than look to the future with purpose.

During these times, it is important to be easy on ourselves and understand that each season will pass. There are often times when we have to take a break or a pause—whether after graduating from college, moving back home, quitting a job or living with roommates. These are the moments we need to rely on the hope of the future—and remember our resilience in the past.

It’s easy to forget the times we have been through when we are in the midst of such a period. Each season has its own challenges and trials and it’s impossible to know we are past them until we look back and realize how far we’ve come. Our mind pushes forward to the promises of the future and the hopes and fears we have instead of remembering the struggles we’ve faced in the past. If we take a moment to count the ways in which we have been sustained in previous periods, we will remember the ways we rose above the hardships and come out even stronger.

Another way to combat the fatigue of transitional eras is to look around you, take note of where you are. See the people in your life who have supported you. Realize you can positively affect them through your current lifestyle. Instead of focusing on the issues unexpected roommates bring, or wishing you were in a job you loved, remember the people around you at this point in life may be the very reason you are still there. Your actions and deeds can either add or detract from another’s experience.

It’s okay to take a deep breath and remember that “right now” isn’t “forever” and going through a time of transition is the best way to help others in the moment—and in the future—who may be struggling in the same way.

Each season is an opportunity and when we approach it with this attitude, we can have a rich experience no matter what life brings.