A Simple DIY Gratefulness Activity Just in Time for Thanksgiving


We should all take time to practice thankfulness. Here's a November gratitude activity that will have you feeling thankful all month long.
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No matter the size of your family or the ages represented, everybody should take time to give thanks. Not only on Thanksgiving, but all year-round! Sitting at the dinner table surrounded by food and family shouldn’t be the only time we verbalize what we’re thankful for—practicing gratitude and recognizing our blessings should be something we do often.

Whether you’re a newlywed, a new mom or dad, raising school-aged children or even if you live alone, this fun activity will you have you practicing thankfulness the whole month of November.

Why stop there? Parents, this is a great activity to do with your children during any time of the year. And the great news is, you can do it without buying anything special.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Jar


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  • Any size jar that you don’t mind leaving out all month (even a large mason jar, cup or bowl would work)
  • marker
  • tape
  • pens
  • blank paper
  • scissors

1. Start by writing “gratitude jar” on a small piece of paper using a marker and then tape it to the jar you’ve chosen to hold your memories. If you’re doing this activity with kids, talk to them about what gratitude means and give some examples.


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2. Cut up paper in a variety of sizes and leave the paper and a pen in a selected location that every member of your family knows about.


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3. Throughout the month, have each member of the household write what they are thankful for each day on a piece of blank paper and toss it in the jar. Leave the jar in a prominent location in the house so it doesn’t go forgotten.


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The catch is, you can’t write the same thing twice. So, if you write that you’re thankful for things like family or health, you can only use those things once! As the month goes on, this forces you to think about the smaller things we’re thankful for that are often overlooked.


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4. On Thanksgiving Day when you’re sitting around the dinner table, empty the jar and distribute the papers. Have each person at the table read a handful of the papers aloud to everyone. It’s fun to think about the year and practice gratitude—for things big and small!

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