Discover Your Life’s Soundtrack


Discover Your Life’s Soundtrack


Ever wonder if your life was a movie, what the music would sound like? Would it be an upbeat rock hit or a smooth ballad? Here's how to find out!

Have you ever wondered what songs would be playing in the background if your life was a movie? It's time to figure out your life's soundtrack. Grab a pen and write down the first song that comes to mind for each of the following "life scenes":
  • The "Good Things are Happening" scenes. Usually, this is the opening montage, so this can also be your title track. What's your go-to happy or celebration song?
  • The "Tear-Jerker" scenes. What track cues up the waterworks every time you play it? These often play during the break-up in romantic movies or when the talking pets part ways for what seems like forever. Okay, now we need a tissue.
  • The "Falling in Love" scenes. For those times where the romance is kicked up to level ten and each moment is magical, you need a song to swell up in the background and make you swoon.
  • The "Road Trip" scenes. The windows are down and the volume is up; what's the first track on the playlist? This song can be happy or sad, depending on if it's a Vegas weekend trip or a soul-searching journey.
  • The "Friends Forever" scenes. When you and your squad hit the town, what song sums up how you feel about one another? Your friends are always there for you and vice versa, so play your anthem loud.
  • The "Everything is Awesome" scenes. For life's big moments, you need a song that just screams “happy ending.” Pick a song that you want to hear when everything is so good, you can't even deal.
By now, you should have a good idea of your life's soundtrack; embrace the season you’re in and move to the music. Watch the above video for more inspiration!