Adorable Young Hockey Fan Desperate for Souvenir, Little Girl Saves the Day With Her Kindness


After making several attempts to claim a hockey puck, frustrated 7-year-old Logan's efforts were rewarded by a fellow young fan.


Watch this tender-hearted video of a young Minnesota Wild Hockey fan wanting a puck. This little boy was waiting on the sidelines in hopes of catching a puck from his favorite players. But being shorter than the other children they would get to it first.

Frustrated 7-year-old Logan was watching the game with his family but was unable to snag a puck. Until an 11-year-old girl named Emily Wiltzius stepped in with an act of kindness and gave him her puck! How precious watch the video below! Emily shares about why she performed this act of kindness, “I just decided to give it to him. He looked young and that could have been his first Wild game.”

The video has since gone viral. Commenters like Wendy Palmer add, “That little ‘thank you’ was precious. What a sweetheart! Good job to the sweet young lady who gave away both pucks to the younger kids, and to the players for noticing the kiddos so patiently waiting! I love watching the interaction! Hockey players have such heart for their fans!” Another commenter on the video Rachel Salmons writes, “Sweet girl for letting the little guy have the puck! Good for her! And then you could tell that he said thank you! So sweet! 😊”