Demi Lovato’s Prophetic Encounter That Launched Her Entertainment Career


Demi Lovato gets personal with model Ashley Graham on podcast "Pretty Big Deal" about the spiritual experiences that shaped her childhood and career.


Pop singer and songwriter Demi Lovato opened up to Supermodel Ashley Graham about her experience with the prophetic in her life. Ashley featured Demi in a recent episode of her podcast Pretty Big Deal. The duo also talked about self-love, eating disorders and the impacts of social media. But this is an interview like no other because we get to see a side of Lovato not often talked about—her spiritual life.

“You’re not supposed to do this,” said Demi. “But I made this pact with God, I was much younger and I was just like look, ‘God like if you make me famous, if you make me a singer and give me Grammys and stuff I will do your work.'”

She continued, “It’s just like okay, you gotta hold up your end of the bargain. What difference are you going to make in this world? What change are you going to make? The first thing that I ever spoke out about was bullying. And I think as time went on I started speaking about more and more things that I felt passionate about.”

Ashley later asked the singer, “What does your faith look like for you walking through this chapter of life?”

Demi recounted, “My faith has been renewed a lot over the past year and a half of my life. I have never experienced miracles first hand, like I’ve only heard about them. I think when you go through something that is so life-altering. And when the end result is something that no one was expecting, that’s a miracle.”

“And I think it’s a miracle I’m sitting here today, my faith was so renewed by everything that I went through. I also just had a trip where I went to Israel and I got baptized in the river, Jordan.”

“Ohhh chills!” Ashley exclaimed. Demi continued by sharing, “Yeah, where Jesus got baptized! And it was all these places where I just grew up reading about in the Bible.”

Demi went on to explain when her faith journey started. “My aunt Kathy and my Uncle Jason took me to this church convention—this Pentecostal church convention—when I was a pre-teen.”

Demi found herself in the youth services, standing in the back. She remembered that a woman started speaking in tongues and came over to her to lay hands on her head. “This woman prophesied over me, the translation was, ‘You’re gonna be a hero to thousands of people someday through ART!’ The woman looks at me and says ‘Are you ready?'” Demi exclaimed “Yes! yes! I am ready!”

Ashley finishes this portion of the video by saying, “This is a miracle, that is what that is! This is God shining his light and saying I got your back sister no matter what!” Ashley shares how she too is a woman of faith that asks God for signs and wonders to make sure she is on the right path.

A few years after that prophetic word Demi booked the biggest roles of her life on Disney channel. The phrase “Are you ready?” has always followed her in life. She has remembered that prophetic moment throughout the years and is often encouraged by the word God spoke to her.

We admire Demi’s bravery and openness with her faith. As she continues to lean into rehabilitation and recovery she is inspiring a generation. Besides being crazy talented she continues to be a role model to millions with her mental health journey.