The Deeper Connection That Can Be Found in Long-Distance Friendships


When we work to maintain a close bond with our friends and family, we can keep a connection even when we live far away from one another. Having friends we can count on is one of life’s greatest joys—and distance doesn’t have to get in the way of it.

When we think of the phrase “long distance relationships,” it is common to consider romantic relationships and the distance added to them as being an additional strain. However, there are also other relationships this applies to. Long distance can be a tough challenge for all relationships, but when we have a bond that is deeper than fitting friends into a daily routine, distance won’t get in the way of the special connection we share with loved ones.

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As we grow up and perhaps move away from our childhood home, it can be hard to stay in touch with family members and be a part of their day-to-day lives. This doesn’t mean we aren’t as close as we used to be. It just means there is a different kind of attachment. Instead of seeing one another every day or on weekends, we spend less physical time together, but if we work to make those relationships a priority, we will remember that we have one another’s support no matter how often we see each other in person. The relationship becomes more about quality than quantity of time spent. We are there for each other in spirit when we can’t be in person.

Distance is a strong and isolating force, but if your bond is stronger than the distance that separates you, you will maintain a sense of closeness no matter what.

This also applies to long-distance friendships. Sometimes, these can be the hardest relationships to maintain, as we tend to change and grow once we are not around the same people. We branch out, find new interests and therefore, new friends come into our lives that have the potential to replace old ones. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. When we develop a connection between friends that is deeper than the time spent doing certain activities, we can rest assured that those friends will pick up the phone when we call—no matter how long it has been since we have seen one another.

The best thing we can do is to work on developing friendships that are tied together with trust and rooted in love.

Distance is a strong and isolating force, but if your bond is stronger than the distance that separates you, you will maintain a sense of closeness no matter what. One of the main ways to put this into practice is to bring one another in on our struggles. This enables us to have friends that we open up to about the hard times in life—and that is something that can be done no matter where we find ourselves physically. Trust is not built on day trips to the mall and coffee dates. It is strengthened by including our loved ones in times of hardship and not being afraid to lean on them—even if it is through the phone.

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When we have friends who we can count on in life, making time to visit them won’t feel like a burden. But when we can’t do this because of our busy schedules, it helps to have that deeper connection that will bring us together when life gets hard or brings us joy.