Dancing Priest Busts a Move at School Pep Rally in Viral Video, and It’s Everything!


A newly ordained priest and senior theology teacher just went viral for surprising all his students with his jawdropping dance moves.

Maybe, just maybe, this dancing priest from Florida can single-handedly revive catholicism for American Gen Y’rs.

In a now-viral video, “Father Ricardo Rivera, a senior theology teacher and recently ordained priest from Cardinal Gibbons Catholic High School in Ft. Lauderdale, shocked the crowd with his borderline divine dance moves at the school’s homecoming pep rally last month,” Good Morning America reported.

It is said that Father Rivera only attended rehearsals for the pep rally for 15 minutes, instead learning the routine on his own from videos thus making the heavenly dance showing all the more spectacular as no one, not even the dancers themselves, were expecting Father Rivera’s blessed moves.

“Video of the routine, posted to the school’s Twitter account, shows a line of cheerleaders dancing waving pom-poms before Rivera joins them. The priest holds up his arms in a seemingly holy manner, then jumps into a complex series of moves,” AOL shares.

Not only did Father Rivera surprise and delight all in attendance at the pep rally that day, but it goes without saying that he just virally brightened ours too.