WATCH: Amazing Daddy-Daughter Duo Take the World by Storm With Impressive Cheer Routines


Roland Pollard and his daughter Jayden will blow your mind with their impressive cheer routines. The craziest part? Jayden is only 4-year-old!


These two could give the Navarro Cheer squad a run for their money! Roland Pollard and his 4-year-old daughter, Jayden, are the internet’s new dynamic duo. #GirlDad to the max for the bond these two have—take a look:

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Jayden can nail difficult cheer stunts with the help of her father, Roland, who is also her coach. Roland shares, “We started the second she could stand up on her own, but [she] didn’t take it serious until about three months ago, around December of 2019.” The little tyke is incredible and listens well for directions from her coach.

Roland began his cheering career in highschool. He now has 12 years of experience including cheering on a competitive level. “Parents pay good money for stellar coaching and I’m fortunate enough to provide an unlimited amount to my daughter for free,” Roland adds.

What an incredible amount of trust these two have with each other. You can tell that they have so much fun stunting together. Even mom gets in on the fun. A great tip for girl dads is to let your girls into your favorite sports. Go, dads!