Surprise! Dad-To-Be Finds out He’s Having Triplets and His Reaction Is Priceless


This dad was all about it! His reaction to his wife having triplets will make your day.


Having one baby is a miracle and a delight for most couples. But having three babies at the same time, well that is astonishing! Watch the reaction this mom and dad have as they discover they are having triplets.

The couple Peter and Stephanie Valas already have two beautiful children and were looking forward to adding to the family with a new sibling for them. However, Stephanie has a surprise for Peter as she shows him the results from her ultrasound. An ultrasound that revealed they weren’t having just one baby, but three! Stephanie even has the sonogram photo to prove it, with each baby clearly labeled as “A, B and C.” As Peter reviews the sonogram photo, watch as he doesn’t understand at first: “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Is there something wrong?”

Suddenly Peter understands, realizing what “A, B and C” actually means! “We’re having three babies? Are you serious? 1, 2, 3?” The dad was elated, confident, excited and just wanted to make sure that everyone was healthy. His excitement was over the moon.

This couple will need a bigger house indeed for their growing squad. Good luck parents, we’re so excited for you!