Dad Brought to Tears When Son’s Transplant Recipient Sends Teddy Bear With Unique Touch


Months after his son had passed away, this dad received a very special gift with a recording of a sound this father knew all too well.


John Reid lost his 16-year-old son Dakota in a car crash last year. Dakota’s organs were donated post-crash. Months later John unexpectedly received a teddy bear with a special surprise inside—it was a thank you gift from the man that received his son’s heart.

Inside was a stuffed animal that held the audio of Dakota’s heartbeat. Stephanie, John’s wife, posted the beautiful reaction to the gift below:

The gentleman who received Dakotas heart sent John Allen Lee Reid a build a bear with Dakotas heartbeat! ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you!

Posted by Stephanie Reid on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Robert O’Connor was the recipient of the heart. John read from the letter Robert wrote to him, “I would have preferred to give this to you in person, but not sure when that would happen.” The bear was from Build-A-Bear and it was dressed in a red shirt that said: “Best Dad Ever.”

John shared, “When I got the bear, my heart was filled with joy. I did not expect any of this. I never left Dakota’s side. At night I would lay my head on his chest for hours at a time, every night, listening to his heartbeat. Now, thanks to Bob, I can listen to his heartbeat again!”

Dakota’s organs helped numerous people, not just Robert. The experience has made John an advocate for the good that comes from organ donation. He said, “To give the gift of life is to continue God’s plan for both the donor families and the recipient.”

God bless this family for their selfless act which saved so many others in the midst of tragedy.