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How to Create a Positive Family Culture


Creating a positive family culture is crucial. We must encourage one another in every aspect of our lives—and this includes in our familial relationships as well.


Everyone wants to be part of something great, and it is no different when it comes to our families. Our family members are the people we are around the most, and when we strive to create a positive family culture everyone benefits! But how do we do this? By focusing on a few key areas:

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1. Positive Energy

We can all be Debbie Downers at times. It’s easy to see the to-do list, the piles of laundry and the sink full of dirty dishes and focus on that. For many years I couldn’t look past all the mess, and my family suffered from my sour attitude.

Instead of focusing on all that is wrong in your home, turn it around and narrow your gaze on what is being done right. Your whole family will benefit when you choose to ignore what is still on your to-do list and celebrate what’s been accomplished. You will never have everything done (no one will), so why hold that up as a standard?

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Our negative attitudes can also leak over into our relationships with our kids. Instead of being quick to scold, instead be quick to cheer when your child does something right. Smile often, and take time to play and laugh. A positive attitude is contagious, and it encourages everyone to have the same.

2. Recognition

Everyone likes to get a pat on the back or receive a gold star, and family members are no different. What behaviors do you want to have repeated? Acknowledge them. Recognize a special achievement or hard work in creative ways.

One way I do this is by snapping a photo. When I notice a chore well done, a special art piece or even see a kind attitude, I ask my child to pose so I can capture the moment. I also have a prize box for extra effort. Kids repeat what they see appreciated, which benefits everyone in the family! 

3. Shared Experiences

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You have a unique opportunity to shape your family culture when you choose the experiences your family shares together. My husband and I made a conscience effort to pick a few things and strive to experience them together.

Smile often, and take time to play and laugh. A positive attitude is contagious, and it encourages everyone to have the same.

We chose reading books together as a family, having dinner together most nights, serving together and taking fun trips as a family. These shared experiences build traditions and create bonds between family members. As we share these experiences, we build an identity that proclaims, “This is who we are and what we value… together.”

4. Teamwork

Too many times as moms we feel it’s our job to carry most of the load around our homes, yet team work not only eases our burdens but it helps our children feel as if they’re part of something important. As a friend once reminded me, many hands make light work!

Teamwork can include chore charts and schedules, but it also can involve ten-minute cleanups with fast-paced music to keep everyone moving. Teamwork also involves supporting each other’s efforts, whether that means attending each other’s games or applauding a good school report. A supportive team can make us each better and make us have more fun in the process. And when we win by creating a positive family culture, we all win together!

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A positive family culture also bleeds into other areas of our children’s lives. Our positive efforts will benefit our children in their schools, teams and within their friendships, as they realize being positive draws people together and makes doing life together a lot more fun!