Couple Married 79 Years Shares the ‘Secret’ to Their Remarkably Long Marriage


What's the secret to a long marriage—79 years to be exact? Dan and Bertha Paveilck share their inspiring love story.
Photo by Global News

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Billy Hallowell

In a world in which marriage isn’t always as valued as it should be, it’s incredible and encouraging to see couples who have stuck together for decades.

It’s particularly informative to ask these couples what the secret to their successful marriage is, which is exactly what Canadian outlet Global News asked Dan and Bertha Paveilck, a couple aged 106 and 99, respectively, who just celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Yes, you read that correctly. The two, who married on Oct. 25, 1938, willingly shared what they said is the secret ingredient to their nearly eight-decade union.

“Should we tell them what our secret is?” Bertha joked, with Dan chiming in with a quip of his own: “We have a secret?” But, in the end, the duo said that their successful marriage has been built on one premise: support for one another.

“To support one another, whatever the problems may be, good or bad. Stick together,” Bertha told Global News. “That’s about it.”

Dan, of course, had another theory.

“To support one another, whatever the problems may be, good or bad. Stick together…”

“You know why this lasted 79 years?” he rhetorically asked, with a smile. “She has the last word.”

The two have had their difficult times as well, as they lost a daughter to cancer last year and Dan recently moved into a nursing home and has been hospitalized for the past month.

“Having my mate leave home… never to return, that’s tough,” Bertha said.

Still, the couple remains hopeful and optimistic, and their love for one another shines through. Read more of their story here.