Adorable ‘Comfort Dog’ Assists Veterinarian in Helping Sick, Scared Pets


This adorably perfect viral picture of a comforting veterinarian dog assistant is warming hearts everywhere.


Did you know that animals can comfort one another just like their human counterparts? In an increasing trend, support animals can now be found inside many Vet offices helping other animals who are having a hard time. For example, the below “comfort dog assistant” loves to comfort his furry friends who are scared.

In a now-viral image of our comfort dog posted to Reddit the caption reads, “This veterinarian has a comfort dog assistant that helps sick dog patients know that everything will be alright.”

Comments to the heartwarming post poured in with one person commenting, “This is the saddest and cutest photo I’ve seen in my life.” “Those sad eyebrows and the gentle nose touch,” read another. The flow of support continued, “It’s going to be okay friend!”

What a touching moment between two pals captured. Proof that kindness can be spread anywhere. A hospital is a scary place for so many including our pets. Thank you “comfort dog assistant” you’re the best nurse doggy around.