It’s About Time ‘The Bachelor’ Chose to Make Virginity Normal Again


Colton Underwood is the first virgin Bachelor on the hit ABC show. "Bachelor Nation" and the rest of America are baffled while we're just nodding our heads.


Colton Underwood is a former NFL linebacker and your current Monday obsession as ABC’s newest Bachelor. This is Colton’s second time on the series, the first on the 14th season of the Bachelorette, where he was left heartbroken as Becca Kufrin sent him home. Colton is smiley, outgoing and pretty much your quintessential All-American Allstar.

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Colton is also an advocate for cystic fibrosis health and founded the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation that supports individuals and children living with this condition. But the hot topic that has rattled America most is a value Underwood holds near and dear to his heart. He is a professed virgin, waiting for “the one” at 26 years of age.

Colton does have a Christian faith background with Jeremiah 29:11 displayed on his Instagram page. He states that he remains a virgin because of his faith and because of the lack of dating during his time in the NFL. The Indiana native has faced a lot of scrutiny from his teammates in locker rooms to the general public, but he is still holding up his standard.

Personally, it is refreshing to be able to talk openly about saving one’s self for marriage. It can be taboo at times to talk about it even in Christian circles (sad but true) let alone mainstream media. That is why Colton’s story, his stance on virginity and The Bachelor’s inclusion of that stance is inspiring.

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Heather Martin is the “never been kissed girl” on this Bachelor season. She is also a virgin, plus has never kissed a man before. She was nervous about telling Colton this truth on their date night. But his response was warm and open and he handled it like a gentleman. He was accepting of her lack of experience and the two found a sense of common ground. They both hold physical intimacy in the highest regard.

Watching that I thought to myself “Wow, millions of people just received a different narrative on the boundaries conversation, a narrative that involves abstinence and sharing those intimate moments with the right person.” It was refreshing, to say the least.

Waiting for the one can seem preposterous to most of America. And yes, Colton has stated that he is not waiting for marriage per se, just for the “right person.” But even this strong stance on abstinence can be inspiring for The Bachelor’s five million viewers each week. We hope it opens a conversation about taking physical intimacy and sex more seriously. That it is ok to wait, for the right person. And better yet wait for God’s perfect timing without rushing anything. Staying within God’s will and reaping the benefits of sacred sexual intimacy. God is NOT anti-sex, He just created it to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage.