Church Gives Over $1.2 Million Away No Strings Attached


It takes crazy faith to pull something like this off, but Transformation Church in Oklahoma gives 1.2 million in gifts to people in need at their church.


It’s hard to have faith when you are desperate to get your basic needs met. Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma had the crazy faith to meet people’s genuine needs this holiday season. In the form of homes, money and cars this church did not spare any resource.

Chief Operating Officer of the church Tammy McQuarters says, “The giving on Sunday [was] something we prepare for all year long. We made a decision as a ministry, we would set aside 10% of our income that comes in, and we use that money specifically for missional needs.” McQuarters shares, “There were medical bills we were able to take care of. A family needed housing we were able to provide that.” One couple was called to the stage and received a mini-van and $250,000 for a new home.

Lead Pastor of Transformation Church, Michael Todd, was in the middle of his Crazy Faith sermon series when the giving commenced. During the series, he would call unexpecting individuals to the stage to reveal their gift. The church also made donations to organizations like the Tulsa Dream Center. The Dream Center’s mission aims “to empower the community of North Tulsa to know God and experience transformation” through offering education, food and medical services to those in need. The center received $30,000 from the church that they will use to help those trapped in poverty cycles.

McQuarters shares about the realities of compassion, “This is all about inspiring belief. Our mission is to represent God to people. We want to see their lives changed, but oftentimes, people have tangible needs that need to be met, and it’s like you can talk to me about your big God when you help me with this hunger issue or help me with this housing issue.” Let’s continue to be generous in every season, and have a crazy faith to believe God to do impossible things in our families and communities.