Stumped on the Perfect Christmas Gift? Get Them a Cow!


Feeling uninspired while Christmas shopping? Reconsider your buying strategy by supporting a family abroad with a livestock gift—like a cow!


Every Christmas there’s always that one person who seems completely impossible to buy a gift for. Perhaps they already have everything or they’re hopelessly picky or they just don’t delight in material possessions.

Maybe the present that may be most touching for them would be a cow! I know…. You’re thinking “what?!” To clarify, I’m recommending buying a cow (or other livestock) in honor of your loved one, which will be given to a family in the developing world whose livelihood depends on agriculture.

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There are several great non-profit organizations who allow for agriculture-focused gifting, but our favorite is World Vision. They’ve been operating internationally since the 1950s implementing incredible programs in nearly 100 countries. Best of all, they keep Christ at the center of all that they do.

By financially sponsoring a family’s acquisition of livestock, you may open an empowering door for them to provide for their community for years to come.

Every year World Vision releases a Gift Catalog allowing donors to translate a specific donation into a powerful gift for a family in the developing world. We love the Animals and Agriculture section of the Gift Catalog, it’s filled to the brim with surprising gift ideas! By financially sponsoring a family’s acquisition of livestock, you may open an empowering door for them to provide for their community for years to come.


Gifting a chicken is extremely affordable at $25. Most immediately, chickens offer a family regular access to eggs, which are a healthy and sustainable source of protein. Additionally, chickens are very easy to breed, so once a family gets started with caring for chickens, it’s likely that they can quickly expand their chicken farm serving as a revenue and food source. 


Another extremely affordable gift is a beehive which can be given to a family for only $25. In addition to serving as a source of fresh sweet honey, bees from the hive can dramatically improve the farm’s production overall by pollinating the local crops.


Typically, when we think of milk sources, a dairy cow is the first animal to come to mind, but goats can also serve as valuable sources of milk and protein for a family. An $85 donation will allow a family to bring a goat home, providing 16 cups of dairy milk daily! Additionally, as they graze and fertilize the land, goats support healthy crop growth.


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“God has given us two hands. One to receive with and the other to give with.” –#BillyGraham. Today is the day…it’s #GivingTuesday! On this day, any gift given to #WorldVision will be matched by a donation of product from our amazing partners, @thirtyone, up to $1 million dollars. Donations are sent out to help children and families like 13-year old Mike, whose family was blessed with the gift of goats! Now they have fresh milk, which they both drink and sell to earn money for other necessities. This means his family has become more self-sufficient, leading to a brighter future! What a blessing! Will you join us in taking a day out of the hustle and bustle of the holidays to #ShineBright with children like Mike? Click on the #linkinbio to learn more TODAY!

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Giving a family a dairy cow is a major investment in their future nutrition for years to come. While the gift of one cow is expensive, at $700, you can also opt to make a monthly donation of $75 to support cows reaching the communities who can most benefit from them. One cow can provide a family with 80,000 glasses of milk in its lifetime. That’s more than one family would need, so a cow’s milk can become a valuable resource that they can sell in their village, boosting their local economy.


For a $75 donation, you can gift a family a full fishing kit featuring nets, lines, hooks, a pole and a basket. Some families are able to then build a fish pond on their property. They can both fish from it for their own food sources and also sell the fish to the community. For other families, simply having fishing supplies empowers them to travel to a local water source and fish from there.


Alpacas are prized animals for families in need of warmth in the Andes, which you can gift for $50. Durable alpaca fiber can provide ten pounds of wool annually. With each alpaca living up to 20 years, when you give a family this animal, you ensure that they can clothe themselves and offer up warm linens for sale to their community as well.

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There are many other agriculture gifts you can explore in the Gift Catalog like ducks, sheep, oxen, donkeys, rabbits and combination gifts of several animals. Buying an animal who could change a family’s life for the better may be the most memorable Christmas gift you could ever give to a loved one.