Christian Coffee Company Helping Single Moms in a Big Way


Burly Man Coffee is a subscription coffee service from South Florida that is using their profits to make a difference in the lives of others, in more ways than one.

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Lindsay Elizabeth

Burly Man Coffee is a subscription coffee service from South Florida that is using their profits to make a difference in the lives of others, in more ways than one.

The Christian-owned company recently announced an initiative vowing to gift 100 single mothers in need with a car in order to help make their lives a little bit easier.

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Back in March, the company gifted their first mother, Celeste Bokstrom, with a four-door Kia sedan. Bokstrom is the mother and full-time caretaker of her 16-year-old son Logan who is non-verbal and autistic.

Burly Man Coffee created a video sharing Bokstrom’s story, in the first installment of their Youtube segment “Giving Back.”

“You do what you got to do when you are a mom,” Bokstrom said in the video. “It is a battle. It is all about keeping him happy. If he is happy. We are all happy. Generally, he is a happy child.”

Bokstrom, who lives in a single-car garage turned apartment in Lake Worth with her son, has not owned a car in years. After Burly Man Coffee owners Jeremy and Tiana Wiles head her story, however, they decided she would be the first to receive a car.

“I think that God looks down and He sees you stuck,” Jeremy Wiles told Bokstrom in the video. “He doesn’t want you to be stuck. We thought we would do something to keep you moving forward.”

Not only did the Wile’s gift Bockstrom with a car, but they also gave her and Logan an iPad that will help them better communicate.

Bockstrom was also gifted a shopping spree and salon makeover for herself, as well as a surprise party with her friends.

“To me, this is a lot more than gifts,” she said in the video. “This is making my life and my son’s life better in every way.”

The gifts didn’t stop at physical, tangible objects. The Wiles family also put Bockstrom in contact with Michael Cohen, the director of Center for Brain in Jupiter, Florida.

The center treats thousands of severely autistic children, and helps create individual treatment plans for them. After hearing the Bockstroms story, Cohen agreed to meet with Logan and treat him free of coast.

“I had no idea this was going to happen to me,” Bokstrom said in a statement.

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“I had faith and believed that God knew my struggles, but I never expected this. Receiving a car has changed my world. And Logan is now getting the help he deserves. I’m so grateful. Burly Man Coffee has changed our lives for the better.”

After gifting the Bokstrom’s with the Kia sedan, the Wile’s decided they wanted to keep the giving going.

“There are single moms barely staying afloat because some men have abandoned ship. Burly Man Coffee has stepped up to fill in the gap and provide relief by meeting their most critical needs,” Tiana Wiles said in a statement.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate what real men do: they take care of those in need. If we can change the life of a mother and her child for the better, then we are doing something right.”

Part of the reason Burly Man Coffee exists is to break the stereotype that all men are “barbaric, sexist, misogynistic, racist monsters.”

“We associated the term being ‘Burly’ with being a man who is brave, kind, generous, and patriotic. Our brand represents every hard-working American whose virtues have more value than the toxic agenda being shoved in their faces,” Wiles pointed out.

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“The fast-growing number of people joining the coffee club is a clear indicator that people appreciate great coffee and want to partner with a company that uses their hard-earned dollars to represent their values.”

Jeremy Wiles also pointed out that Burly Man Coffee is making an effort in “restoring some of the values and principles that have been lost.”

“As a Christian, I think we should have products and businesses we can use that support the values we believe in,” Jeremy Wiles wrote.