‘Jesus Told Me to Talk to You’: Chris Pratt’s Testimony Will Surprise You


You may know Chris Pratt as an A-list actor, but he’s even more charming in the real world. As a Christian, loving father and philanthropist, we’re so inspired by him. Especially by his testimony!


Chris Pratt, you’re a bonafide A-lister. You shine in blockbusters like the Jurassic World franchise and as Star-Lord on Marvel films like Guardians of the Galaxy. You’re also amazing in comedic roles such as Andy Dyer on Parks and Rec. We delight in watching any character you play, but you’re so much more than an amazing actor. Here are four reasons why we love you off-screen as well:

You Have A Powerful Testimony

In Hollywood, it’s rare to find actors who are open about their faith, but you regularly speak about how your belief in Christ guides you. We loved your story about your fateful encounter with a man that God sent to share His message of love when you were only 20. Your testimony blows us away:

“I was sitting outside a grocery store… And a guy recognized something in me that needed to be saved. He asked what I was doing that night, and I was honest. I said, ‘My friend’s inside buying me alcohol.’ ‘You going to go party?’ he asked. ‘Yeah.’ ‘Drink and do drugs? Meet girls, fornication?’ I was like, ‘I hope so.’ It should’ve made me nervous but didn’t. I said, ‘Why are you asking?’ He said, ‘Jesus told me to talk to you.’ At that moment I was like, I think I have to go with this guy. He took me to church. Over the next few days, I surprised my friends by declaring that I was going to change my life.”

Today you regularly speak openly about your faith to your millions of followers. It’s incredible.

You Are A Prayer Warrior

You’re an incredible father to your son Jack who you’ve lifted up in prayer since he was born. In 2012 when Jack was born nine weeks premature, you were on your knees communing with God. Thankfully, Jack thrived and the experience brought you even deeper into your relationship with Christ. Regarding this experience, you’re quoted as saying, “it restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it.”

Not only do you lift your own son up in prayer, but you’re also generous to pray for the well-being of those you meet. We were so touched to see you Tweet out a prayer for a four-year-old fan of yours named Sam. You regularly share your prayers via social media.

You Take Your Position as a Role Model Seriously

Whether they desire to be or not, when anyone reaches a level of fame, they become a role model. It’s incredibly disheartening to see celebrities fail to recognize the impact they have on the younger generation. You’re different though. You gave an amazing response when asked if you were “prepared to be a hero to thousands of kids?”

“I stole the jacket and some of the wardrobe, so that if [Guardians of the Galaxy] comes out and does what everyone hopes it can, [then if I find] a kid who’s sick in a hospital [then] Peter Quill or Star-Lord [can] come visit him… That would give me real meaning for this movie… Maybe I can go affect some kids and be a role model for them.”

You Give Back

There are many people who give lip service about giving back, but you’ve consistently proven that you’re committed to charitable causes, especially those that benefit children. We were blown away when you made a $500,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Club in honor of your father.

Your philanthropy extends far beyond just this donation. You support Omaze campaigns, visit children in the hospital, fundraise for March of Dimes, support the Ronald McDonald Children’s Home and we’re sure that you give in countless other ways when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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Chris, you truly are an incredible role model and we find your compassion and authenticity to be so encouraging. Keep it up!