What Chip and Joanna Gaines’ New TV Network Means for Christians


Discovery is giving Chip and Joanna Gaines their own network! The Fixer-Upper superstars offer their innovative brand of family-friendly programming to the network. So we ask ourselves why it is important to have Christians at the media forefront?


We were shocked to hear that after a year’s hiatus our favorite remodelers are coming back to television. Chip and Jo made a surprise announcement on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The Gaines’ told Jimmy that they are partnering with Discovery Inc. to launch their own TV network. Much of the filming will be shot in Waco in efforts to stay close to their family. We are over the moon with excitement and anticipation on their return to television.

So what contributes to their mass appeal? Discovery released this statement: “The Gaines’ are exceptional people, true authentic storytellers and creative visionaries who will nourish millions of people with quality, family-friendly programming accessible on a 24/7 network and across all screens.”

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Chip and Jo first became famous on their hit HGTV series Fixer Upper. Fixer Upper centers around them, as a married couple that flips old dilapidated homes and transforms them into dream houses. What else draws us to them? Their larger than life personalities of course! America has fallen in love with Chip’s outlandish prankster sense of humor. They also love Joanna’s sweet spirit and ability to turn any work in progress piece of real estate into a magical haven.

In addition, this couple has a strong faith background that inspires millions. (Catch their testimony video below.) Chip and Jo take us through their journey of faith, on what it is to follow Christ even in uncomfortable situations. They find God the most through the risk-taking.

So what does this mean for Christians in the entertainment industry?

I think for so long the church has looked down on the entertainment industry because of its liberal views. But we need more people with strong Christian convictions, pioneering shows for networks. Creating fun clean content is hard to come across these days on our television sets. On top of that, showing an example of a strong Christian marriage is important for families across America. We need to see what it looks like to have a healthy Christian marriage of fifteen plus years. It can give hope to those that come from broken homes, or divorced families. Chip and Jo have laid down an example that many can follow, and for that we are grateful.

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We cannot wait to see these two back on our screens providing family-centered, home and design entertainment. Congratulations to Chip and Jo!