Chip Gaines Goes on Twitter Cash Giving Binge, Helps Countless Including Foster Families


Beloved TV star Chip Gaines hopped on Twitter this Thanksgiving for some special holiday season generosity.

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Will Maule

Taking to the social media platform alongside his trusty assistant, Chip Gaines launched his cash giving campaign with a simple message:

“I’m wanting to give some stuff away-including some cold, hard cash$$!! What kind of stuff y’all needing/wanting?? @AssistingChip I might need some help here.”

Soon, the replies were rolling in at lightning pace. “This hat!!!” one person replied, linking to a cap sold by Magnolia, Chip and Jo’s homeware store.

“Well that’s easy!” Gaines replied. “@AssistingChip hook him up”

But the requests went well beyond a $26 dollar cap. “Got a huge car repair bill, over $900.00 & it’s gonna flatten my Christmas shopping,” one person wrote. “I got you,” Chip replied.

“We adopted a family of 8 this year for Christmas which includes 4 foster children,” another explained. “We are going to try and provide as much as we can so that they all can have a great Christmas but we are on a budget ourselves. Anyway you might be able to help?”

“Wow! Such an incredible story, we would love to send you a $500 Visa gift card towards Christmas for your family,” Gaines replied.

By this point, Chip was on a roll.

“Assistance financially or prayers for our third adoption in less then three years, from foster care,” one person tweeted.

Chip’s reply? “Joanna and I are always drawn to parents who foster and adopt. So proud of you and thankful for you this season. I’d like to contribute $2500 to your beautiful family.”

And he just kept going, gleefully giving away thousands of dollars to stunned strangers; donating to charities on behalf of grieving family members, buying heaters for those suffering from the winter cold, and even purchasing plane tickets so that families could be reunited at thanksgiving.

Yesterday, Chip tweeted that the giveaway would be coming to a close midnight Sunday, but urged his 1.1 million followers to keep the generosity rolling by getting involved themselves.

“Me & @AssistingChip gave some stuff away the last few days hoping to bless some folks, & trying to #makeKindnessLoud,” Gaines noted. “I’m going to keep giving until midnight tonight, but here’s my challenge. If u see a request that touches YOU, jump in & help.. let’s see what we can do together!”

What an amazing idea!