Eagles’ Carson Wentz After Devastating Injury: ‘I Know My God Is a Powerful One with a Perfect Plan’


After being sidelined in yesterday's game by a potentially season-ending injury, Wentz, quarterback of the Eagles, responded with profound faith.
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Carson Wentz has had an MVP caliber season on the field, but Faithwire has been most interested in the faith revolution he’s led off the field.

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An outspoken Christian and founder of the Ao1 Foundation, Wentz has been one of the few publicity bright spots for the NFL in a year of negative coverage due to the national anthem protests.

Wentz has been very clear about what motivates him, and clearly, God is using him in a big way.

Yesterday afternoon during a game against the Rams, Wentz attempted to run for a touchdown and suffered a direct and awkward hit, which kept him on the ground for a few extra moments. Despite the injury being potentially season-ending—and maybe worse—Wentz leaned strongly into his faith:

Here’s a guy on top of the sports world, yet he still manages to keep a great perspective on life. Continued prayers for Wentz that the injury isn’t as bad as it looks. Here’s the play, during which he actually played four more plays on the injured knee and ended up throwing his 4th touchdown of the game before being carted out of the stadium.

If you have the stomach for it, check out what his knee looked like as he was walking around between plays:

He’s going for an MRI to get a final determination as to the extent of the injury. Please continue to pray that it’s not as severe as it looks, and more importantly that Carson will keep his faith as strong as it’s been in the good times. So far it seems that he is in good spirits despite the disheartening injury that appears to have derailed a season of so much promise.

Wentz has been very clear about what motivates him, and clearly, God is using him in a big way. First, the Eagles team is seeing more people come to faith. Earlier this season we reported on the baptism they conducted during a road trip—in the hotel pool. The team also posted a lengthy produced segment talking about just how important faith is to the players, explaining all the Bible studies and intentional meetings they have to study and discuss God’s word.


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