Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Welcome Newborn Son: ‘You Are a Gift From the Lord’


Country singer Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, welcomed a healthy baby boy earlier this week.

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Tré Goins-Phillips

Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher, a former professional ice hockey player, shared the news of their newborn son Thursday in a heartfelt Instagram post, describing their son—named Jacob—as “a gift from the Lord.”

“The last few years has [sic] had its challenges and it makes this moment even more sweet!” Fisher wrote. “We didn’t know if Izzy would ever have another sibling but we learned through it all that God is in control and his timing is perfect!”

He added, “He is good all the time even in the difficult times that are hard to understand.”

Underwood revealed in September that she and her husband suffered three miscarriages in a row last year. So when she learned she was pregnant with her second child, her newborn son, Underwood feared it would lead to yet another miscarriage.

During an interview with CBS News, the “Cry Pretty” singer-songwriter said she prayed intensely for her unborn baby.

“Mike was away just for the evening,” she recalled, “and I texted him, and I was like, ‘I don’t really want to be alone, so I’m just gonna go snuggle with Isaiah.’ And I don’t know how I didn’t wake him up, but I was just sobbing.”

“I was like, ‘Why on earth do I keep getting pregnant if I can’t have a kid? Like, what is this? Shut the door. Like, do something. Either shut the door or let me have a kid,’” Underwood continued. “And for the first time, I felt like I actually told God how I felt. And I feel like we’re supposed to do that.”

God answered her prayers.

In a post of her own, Underwood said she “couldn’t be happier,” adding, “Our hearts are full, our eyes are tired and our lives are forever changed. Life is good.”