Carl Lentz’s Great Response After Son Didn’t Feel like Going to Church


This week Pastor Carl Lentz shared that his son didn't feel like attending church recently. A reality that Lentz used as a power teaching moment for his son.

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This week Pastor Carl Lentz shared with his Instagram followers that his son, Roman, voiced his opinion about not wanting to attend church recently. A sentiment many of us have felt over the years, but maybe not have been as honest as the nine-year-old.

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The Hillsong NYC pastor had some advice for his son, which he shared to his hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers as well.

“In my feelings,” Lentz shared to Instagram on Wednesday, “my son recently told me ‘Dad, I don’t feel like going to church. We are there ALL THE TIME.”

“It was very cute and sincere,” Lentz added, “and I was able to tell him what apparently many of us adults still need to hear: feelings are great.”

The pastor described his son’s honesty that came from a place of innocence, and reiterated that feelings “are important.”

“But they are not the dominant factor in how we live our lives! If our feelings match our convictions? Fantastic. I’ve just found that it’s often that is the exception, not the norm,” he added.

Lentz continued to point out how fleeting and distrustful feelings can be.

He added that “most of the incredible things God calls us to do? Do not come with an accompanying ‘good vibe.’”

“Loving your enemy, does not always feel good. Sacrificial giving, does not always feel good. Forgiving people who hurt you, almost NEVER ‘feels right.’”

He ended by giving his son advice, that we can all take to heart.

“Going to church, doesn’t always feel good!” the pastor wrote. “But these things are still RIGHT. When that day comes, when your feelings rage against your conviction, remember how blessed we are to control our feelings, rather than being controlled by them. It’s worth it every time!”

Lentz shared that Roman had asked him if he could “say hi to the church this past Sunday,” so Lentz brought him up on stage.

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Roman said: “Dad i didnt really feel like it, but I’m glad I did, I think I helped people.”

“He was right!” Lentz added. “‘In my convictions’ is where I want to stay…and I pray the same for my son!”

Lentz received supporting comments on his Instagram post, thanking the pastor for being honest, and sharing his advice on the social media platform.

Audrin Van Schoor wrote: “Me and house will serve the Lord 🙌🏽. #GreatDad”

Jodi Greenwood wrote: “This is so good, thank you for the reminder. I too want to live in this place of convictions over feelings!”