Candace Cameron Bure Explains Sin, God’s Righteousness in 30 Seconds


With a story about grass, snow and a sheep, Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure perfectly summed up our sinfulness and God’s righteousness.

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Tré Goins-Phillips

Cameron Bure spoke Wednesday at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where she encouraged students to prioritize God’s glorification in their actions and talked about God’s providence in her own journey from Full House to Hallmark Channel movies, to The View, where she served as both a guest and regular co-host, to Netflix’s Fuller House.

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Speaking with Liberty’s senior vice president for spiritual development, David Nasser, Cameron Bure said she didn’t grow up in a religious home, but was introduced to church when she was 12-years-old when her parents were having marital problems.

She accepted Jesus not long after she started attending church with her parents.

“I didn’t find my purpose in [Jesus] until I was in my early 20s,” the actor explained. “I had gotten married and had children and once that happened, it changed my perspective. Once that happened, I was like, ‘Well how am I gonna raise my kids? And what do I really believe? And I don’t open up a Bible, I don’t really know what it says. I just know God lives in my heart and I can talk to Him whenever I feel like it.’”

Ultimately, Cameron Bure made the decision to stay home and raise her children, who are now in their late teens and early 20s. While stepping away from her career at the age 22 was difficult, she said it was that shift that caused her relationship with God to mature “immensely.”

Cameron Bure went on to tell Nasser that, for years, she struggled to understand why she needed Jesus, because she “made pretty good choices” and was a “good person.” It wasn’t until she stepped away from the limelight and really examined her own standing when compared to God’s perfect standard that things started to fall into proper perspective.

She then shared this analogy:

A little girl’s looking at a white sheep as it ate green grass and she thought how nice and white the sheep looked as it ate the green grass. And then it began to snow and she thought how dirty the sheep looked against the white snow.

It was the same sheep, but it was a different background.

So when we compare our sin to the standard of the world, we all come up reasonably clean. But when we compare our sin to the snow white righteousness of God’s law, we’ll see that we are filthy dirty.

“That’s what I needed,” Cameron Bure explained. “It was then that I realized, ‘Oh, I do need Jesus because I don’t hold up to God’s standard. And if God is a holy God and a just judge, I’m deserving of hell.”

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After searching a little longer, the 42-year-old celebrity said she finally understood the goodness of the gospel message.

As for whether Fuller House will be renewed for another season, Cameron Bure told students to stay tuned, noting there could be news about the Netflix series as soon as next week.