‘I’m Constantly Having Conversations with God’: Candace Cameron Bure Shares Survival Tips for Busy Moms


After putting her career on a 10-year pause to raise her children, Candace Cameron Bure is busier than ever but she’s no superwoman—she insists that the energy, peace and patience her life requires comes from above.

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Candace Cameron Bure has worn many hats over the years. After a wildly successful acting career that took off during her teens, the “Full House” star has appeared in many films, authored a New York Times bestseller and co-hosted one of the most popular daytime television shows, “The View.” But the single job she values most is her role as a wife and mother of three children.

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Cameron Bure appeared on the “Don’t Mom Alone” podcast Monday to discuss how she balances family life with a busy career, and how her Christian faith keeps her grounded in every endeavor.

After putting her career on a 10-year pause to raise her children, now ages 16 to 20, Cameron Bure is busier than ever with her booming career as a Hallmark movie actress and star of the successful “Fuller House” re-launch. But she’s no superwoman—she insists that the energy, peace and patience her life requires comes from above.


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“Now sometimes I literally have to roll out of my bed and onto my knees every morning and start my day,” Cameron Bure told host Heather MacFadyen.”I don’t feel connected if I don’t do that. But throughout my day I’m constantly having conversations with God. It might just be under my breath asking Jesus to help me because I want to snap at that person right now or I’m going to lose it with my son who just talked back to me. It’s a constant dialogue and I trust that He hears me.”

She added that the love and support from her husband of 22 years, former hockey star Valeri Bure, has been crucial to her successful transition back to acting.

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“He’s so committed to our children,” she said, noting that Bure has “basically put his life on hold” to help raise their kids.

“We really traded off halfway through life,” she explained. “I kind of laid down my career so I could be a stay-at-home mom and raise my kids while he was playing professional hockey, and then he retired a few years after, and I wanted to start working again, he has really laid down a lot of the things that he’s wanted to do … to be there at home so that I could do what I wanted to do.”

In an interview with PEOPLE last May, the actress stressed that Jesus Christ is the “glue” that has held her marriage together.

“The reality is the glue for us is Jesus,” she said. “It’s the Bible. You know, when there are arguments or we’re compromising and in ways, it’s always like, ‘Well, let’s just go back to the Bible.’ It’s the foundation for us. So it’s not about winning or losing. But doing this journey together.”

On the “Don’t Mom Alone,” podcast, Cameron Bure also discussed the challenges she’s faced as a Christian in a predominantly secular entertainment industry that sometimes mocks the faith. Her go-to phrase for herself and her family is simply, “kill them with kindness.”

“You will deflate someone’s puffed-up ego that’s attacking you, because when you don’t give them anything to attack, back—when you’re just kind and not … don’t be sarcastically kind, don’t be snarky kind … actually, try to be humbly kind to that person—they have no place to go. You’re not fueling their fire,” she explained.

She noted, however, that this “is easier said than done,” but “the more you practice it, the easier it becomes.”

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“I want to be that influencer for positivity and kindness and showing my love for Jesus,” the “Kind Is The New Classy” author said. “And I would love for people to know Jesus because of me because I’ve shared a good word.”

McFadyen and Cameron Bure covered a wide range of topics in the 45-minute podcast, from the actress’s new children’s book, “Candace Center Stage,” to the art of saying “no” to extra commitments, to the struggles of raising teenagers and how to overcome those obstacles in order to really enjoy the teen years.

Tune in to the full interview here.