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‘I’m Here to Kill You’: Woman Escapes Assassin’s Bullet, Saves Man Sent to Take Her Out

‘Bet You Stay Home Now, You Hypokrits’: Church Burned Down After Refusing to Stay Close

US Issues India Government Stern Warning for Extreme Levels of Persecution Against Christians

Christians Capitalize on Mystery Surrounding Kim Jong-Un to Creatively Get Gospel Into North Korea

Chinese Police Drag Man out of Church in Front of Congregation, Group Tries to Fight Back

PRAY: Over 100 Christian Families Denied Food Aid During Lockdown in Pakistan

Kidnapped Christian Charity Workers Freed in Iraq After ‘Incredible Movement of Prayers’

The Persecution in Kenya Is Over Jobs? Islamic Extremists Target Christians and Teachers

North Korean Woman ‘Couldn’t Wait Any Longer’ to Be Baptized, Risks Life to Profess Jesus

Judges Rule Against Kidnapped Christian Child Bride: ‘Unable to Treat Christians as Pakistani Citizens’

Meet the Ones Risking Everything to See Revival in Iran: ‘We Offer Our Bodies as Sacrifices’

‘Persecuted Even After Death’: Chinese Authorities Have Started Banning Christian Funerals

REVIVAL IN IRAN: Millions Accept Jesus, Now Fastest Growing Underground Church

Student Ordered to Remove ‘Virginity Rocks’ Shirt by Middle School or Face Consequences

‘Rise of Surveillance State’ Against Christians Now Worldwide

PRAY: After Soleimani’s Death, Iran’s Christians Brace for War and ‘Tsunami’ of Gospel Opportunity

Shocking Leaked Memo Reveals Harsh Reality of China’s Anti-Religion Prison Camps

Jesus Appears to Group of 72 Christians About to Be Slaughtered by Boko Harem, Intervenes, Saving Them

Chinese Government Conducting Facial, Fingerprint Scanning on Christians as They Attend Church

Chinese Authorities Stifle Flow of Christian Literature to Create a ‘Spiritual Famine’ Amongst Believers