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WWII Vet Survives Coronavirus, Celebrates 104th Birthday: ‘He’s Fully Recovered and Perky’

Vanderbilt Nurses ‘Feel God’s Presence’ When Praying Over University Medical Center

Critical COVID-19 Patient Recovers Overnight: ‘God Breathed Into My Lungs and Healed Me’

WATCH: Israelis Erupt with Emotional Cheers from their Balconies for Medical Personnel

She Was Paralyzed for Nearly a Decade, On Her Wedding Day She Performed a Miracle

She Took This Picture of Her Child, It Saved His Life

Newborn Given 6 Hours to Live Is Now Miraculously Celebrating Her 1st Birthday

Coronavirus Vaccine Breakthrough: Israeli Scientists Pushing to Fast-Track Approval

22-Month-Old Drowns in Neighbor’s Pond: Makes Miraculous Full Recovery

Priscilla Shirer Announces Lung Surgery Was a Success: ‘Thank You for Praying’

27-Year-Old Dad Leaves Unforgettable Legacy, Saves Five Lives by Donating His Organs After Death

Young Mother of Two Wakes From 7-Month Coma: ‘It’s a Miracle That I’m Here’

Disabled Woman Tells Her Mom ‘I Love You’ for the First Time

Mom Battled Cancer While Pregnant, Births Healthy ‘Miracle Son,’ Now Train Together for Historic Race

Newborn Twins Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Yet, Refuse to Stop Hugging: A Glimpse Into Creation

‘God Blessed Us With a Miracle’: Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Daughter’s Astonishing Recovery

‘Littlest Miracle’: Baby Born at 22 Weeks Miraculously Fights His Way Home

‘The Rescuing Hug’: Twin Baby Saves Dying Sister by Hugging Her While in NICU

The Face of the Coronavirus: Chinese Doctor Says Goodbye to Wife, Leaves to Treat Victims in Wuhan Outbreak

9-Year-Old Declared Dead for Over 20 Minutes, Miraculously Comes Back to Life (You’ll Need Tissues!)