Good Samaritans

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Australian Teens Save as Many Koalas as They Can: Driving Around, Filling Car Full of Koalas

Texas Hero Who Stopped Church Shooter in 6 Seconds Speaks Out: ‘I’m Thankful to God’

Man Gives His First-Class Seat to 88-Year-Old Woman Making Her Dream Come True, Act Goes Viral

Widowed Father of 7 Left in Tears After Receiving $10,000 from Stranger: ‘Christmas Came Early’

PRAY: 4-Year-Old Twins Escape Deadly Crash That Killed Father, Hike for Help

Chef Teaches Inmates How to Cook: Gives Them Skills so They Don’t End up Back in Prison

Autistic Boy Meltdowns at Theme Park, Employee’s Soothing Act of Love Goes Viral

‘God Told Me to Give You $100’: Walmart Cashier Stuns Family Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Teen Jumps into Action to Save Complete Stranger from Burning Car

Humble Man Walks Almost Entire Perimeter of Mexico Saving Countless Sick and Injured Dogs

Police Officer, Two Local Heroes Rescue Wheelchair-Bound Man from Burning Home

Uber Driver Steps In to Care for Mother of Gravely Ill Newborn

Sanitation Worker Goes Viral for Helping Elderly Woman with Dementia Who Suffered Emergency Fall

Florida Man Pays off Whole Town’s School Lunch Debt with Generous Donation

Teen Credits God for Divine Strength to Lift 3,000 LB Car off His Neighbor

‘I Had to Make Sure 2 of God’s Children Didn’t Die’: HS Football Player Saves 2 Lives During Houston Flood

Chick-Fil-A Employee Saves Man from Cardiac Arrest, Credits God for Putting Him ‘In Right Place’

Mystery ‘Guardian Angel’ Shows up to Save Teen After Car Accident Then Disappears

‘It Was Scary’: Heroic Teen Praises God After Rescuing Toddler from Drowning

‘Our Character Is What We Do When Nobody Is Looking’: NYC Jogger Stops to Give His Shoes to Homeless Man