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Christine Caine’s ‘Unexpected’: Anticipating God’s Goodness in the Chaos and His Divine Plan in the Unpredictable

11-Year-Old Tampa Student Hoping His Published Book Will Inspire Kids To Follow Their Dreams

‘Princess in Camo’: Helping Young Girls Overcome Struggles Through Faith, Kindness and Love

Lisa Bevere’s “Adamant” Will Help You Find Truth in a World of Opinions

‘Champion’: Craig Johnson’s Inspiring Book Shares How God Used a Life-Changing Diagnosis for His Glory

Experience a Transformative Journey with Kathie Lee Gifford in “The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi”

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Learning to ‘Believe Bigger’ with Marshawn Evans Daniels

13 Books Becoming Movies In 2018

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‘I’ll Leave a Message for You in the Moon’: a Special Story of a Father’s Love

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Box of Butterflies

‘It’s the Struggle That Strengthens Our Wings’: Turning Pain into Blessings

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A Cherished Friendship: Roma Downey Shares How Her Friendship with Della Reese Changed Both Their Lives

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‘God Is Always There’: Roma Downey on God’s Comfort and Hope in the Midst of Loss

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‘Willing and Able’: Roma Downey on Showing Love and Compassion to Others

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‘Braving the Wilderness’ Helps Us Find True Belonging in a Divided Culture

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Roma Downey on the Importance of Sharing Our God-Given Gifts with the World

‘Behold the Dreamers’ Will Challenge the Way You Think About Immigration

‘God is Good’: Bill Johnson Reminds Us That God is Better Than We Think

‘What If You Could?’—Jackelyn Viera Iloff’s Book Will Embolden Your Faith

Discover True Success with Jon Gordon’s ‘The Carpenter’