Acts of Kindness

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Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Send Pizza to ‘Penniless’ U.S. Federal Workers

Incredible Couple Adopts Terminal Babies and Gives Them Love

Chick-Fil-A Employee Stops Everything to Help Feed an Elderly, Disabled Customer

Stranger Helps Boy Buy His Mom a Winter Coat

Watch as Son Sees Colors for the First Time

Cancer Who? Ambassadors Help Families Cope During Tough Times

‘My Heart Was Pounding’: FedEx Driver Recalls God-Ordained Encounter with Customer

Son of Officer with Cerebral Palsy Gets Custom NYPD Cruise

These Holiday Heroes Are Caring for the Severely Ill with God’s Love

Proud Husband Surprises Wife by Publishing Her Book for Christmas

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Toddler’s Hugs Go Viral at a Music Festival

Mail Carrier Finds, Returns Memento to Couple Who Lost Son

Flight Attendant Dream Comes True for Woman with Down Syndrome

Police Officers Pay for 91-Year-Old’s Groceries After Her Purse Was Stolen

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Daughter Gives Father Gift of Life Through Organ Donation

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“It’s the Parade That I Never Got”: Vietnam Veteran Using Blessing to Bless Others

Daily Dose of Inspiration

Mothers Give Back to NICU That Saved Their Children

Owner of Family Business Hands out $4 Million in Christmas Bonuses

Family Gives Back the NICU That Saved Their Baby

Mystery Passenger Gives up First-Class Seat for Mother, Baby Heading to Children’s Hospital