Acts of Kindness

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Couple Engages in 100 Mph Chase After Recognizing Kidnapper, 11-Year-Old Girl Rescued

WATCH: Boy With Down Syndrome Comforting Autistic Classmate Goes Viral

104-Year-Old WWII Hero Is Asking for a Valentine From You: ‘I’ll Save Every One’

10-Year-Old Dresses up as Waffle House Hero for School’s ‘Hero Day’

Students Secretly Spend 1,500 Hours Creating Braille Yearbook for Unsuspecting Blind Classmate

Australian Teens Save as Many Koalas as They Can: Driving Around, Filling Car Full of Koalas

8-Year-Old Hero Carried Disabled Younger Brother Through an Entire Triathlon

Teachers Gift Struggling Family a Car to Keep Student in School

Mcdonald’s Employees Save Woman Who Mouthed ‘Help Me’ in Drive-Thru

Church Gives Over $1.2 Million Away No Strings Attached

Police Create ‘Chat Benches’ to Combat Loneliness, ‘Help Make Life a Little Better’ for Elderly

Man Gives His First-Class Seat to 88-Year-Old Woman Making Her Dream Come True, Act Goes Viral

WATCH: Lauren Daigle’s Touching Performance at Largest Maximum-Security Prison in US

This School Is Ditching Homework for a Month, Assigning ‘Acts of Kindness’ Instead

Bus Driver Braids Little Girl’s Hair Every Day After Her Mother Dies

Autistic Boy Meltdowns at Theme Park, Employee’s Soothing Act of Love Goes Viral

Chip Gaines Goes on Twitter Cash Giving Binge, Helps Countless Including Foster Families

‘God Told Me to Give You $100’: Walmart Cashier Stuns Family Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Reporter Accidentally Emails 197 News Stations to Call in Sick, They All Respond—On-Air!

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Watch as Pure Joy Overtakes Autistic Girl in Wheelchair as She’s Serenaded by a Stranger