Acts of Kindness

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Daily Dose of Inspiration

A Stranger Was Accidently Added to a Bachelor Weekend Invite: They Had Him Come Anyway

Alex Trebek Comforts Distraught Autistic Fan, Declares Reliance on ‘God’s Grace and Prayers’ as He Fights Cancer

Uber Driver Steps In to Care for Mother of Gravely Ill Newborn

Chip Gaines’ Random Act of Kindness for Stranger Has Social Media Going Crazy

Sanitation Worker Goes Viral for Helping Elderly Woman with Dementia Who Suffered Emergency Fall

98-Year-Old Mom Moves into Nursing Home to Take Care of Son, 80

Daily Dose of Inspiration

‘Everything Is Different!’: Students Surprise Teacher with Life-Changing Gift

Florida Man Pays off Whole Town’s School Lunch Debt with Generous Donation

WATCH: The Rock Serenades a 100-Year-Old Woman and Her Reaction Is Everything

Thousands of Strangers Turn out for Funeral of Veteran with No Family

Professor Carries, Feeds Baby for Student Throughout 3-Hour Lecture

After Years of Infertility, Foster Couple Takes in Daughter’s Best Friend, Leads to Family of 6

Mystery ‘Guardian Angel’ Shows up to Save Teen After Car Accident Then Disappears

‘Not One Person Said No’: Chick-Fil-A Employees Refused to Leave Work, Instead Fed Texas Police After Mass Shooting

Christian Writer Loses Husband in Freak Accident, but His Death Saved Four Lives

Restaurant Server Skips Break to Spend Time with WWII Veteran Eating Alone

Daily Dose of Inspiration

Thousands Attend Funeral of El Paso Victim Margie Reckard After Her Husband Left Familyless

‘Our Character Is What We Do When Nobody Is Looking’: NYC Jogger Stops to Give His Shoes to Homeless Man

‘The Bench’: A Remarkable Story of What One Blind Man Can Teach You in 5 Minutes

Heroic Nurse Stopped Running from Ohio Shooter so She Could Administer CPR to Victims