Britney Spears Posts This Bible Verse to 21.6 Million Followers


Mostly known for her overly-sensual performances and not her faith, Britney Spears recently posted Psalm 23 and fans are intrigued to discover why.

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Dan Andros

When thinking of celebrities who openly profess their belief in God, Britney Spears isn’t the first name that comes to mind.

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She’s mostly known for her overly-sensual performances, including the time she shared an on-air kiss with Madonna. But her family has been more than open about their faith, especially her mother and sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears, who tweeted out Bible verses after her son was in a serious accident:

And now, it’s big sis who is making her faith known, after sending out the ever popular Psalm 23 to her 21.5 million Instagram followers.


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The motivation for the post wasn’t immediately clear, and Faithwire’s request for further clarification/comment from Spears has not yet been returned.

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Pray that God keeps drawing more and more people closer to Him!