10-Year-Old Dresses up as Waffle House Hero for School’s ‘Hero Day’


Fifth-grader dresses up as a local superhero for “Hero Day.” Inspired by James Shaw Jr.—the man that saved civilians from a deadly shooting last April.


Real-life superheroes still exist! James Shaw Jr. took down an active shooter that had killed four people at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee last April. His story so inspired fifth-grader Tayir Thomas that the 10-year-old from Gallatin, Tennessee dressed up as Shaw for “Hero Day.”

Shaw actually injured his hand wrestling it away from the shooter, burning it. Tayir’s costume for “hero day” even had a faux bandaged hand to resemble his role model. Shaw saw the image of the boy and wrote on his Instagram, “Truly honored and flattered to be the “superhero” you dressed up as, you inspire me to keep inspiring.”

Tayir’s mother, Britt Thomas told Yahoo, “I showed him the news footage of James and said he really saved some people’s lives. He said James was brave and he asked if he could be like him. He said he wanted to be a real hero, not a fictional one.”

Shaw surprised Tayir later that week showing up at school to meet him and his classmates. Shaw stated, “I’m very inspired by him, very moved by him and thankful that he wanted to dress up like me.” Tayir was over the moon and thought he was dreaming. It just goes to show that real-life hero’s do live among us—maybe you’re one of them!