WATCH: Blind Father Given the Gift of Sight, Left Speechless Seeing Wife and Baby for First Time


Grab the tissues and watch the moment that a legally blind man with Stargardt disease is given the gift of sight, heartwarmingly laying his eyes on his family for the first time.


Gene from Denver, CO is legally blind. He hasn’t been able to see his family ever. Gene has Stargardt disease. Stargardt’s is a genetic eye disorder that causes progressive vision loss.

Gene’s story was sent into the Rachael Ray Show by his wife, Joy. Joy saw that the show was helping individuals with Gene’s condition to be able to see again. Thanks to ESight technology, Gene was able to look through high-tech glasses and see his family for the first time. The Rachael Ray Show was donating these glasses, which can cost up to $15,000, to people like Gene.

The ESight technology uses the camera to capture video that then pushes the video on high definition screens. The resulting video is customized for people with low vision. The video that appears is equivalent to someone seeing with regular eyesight. Remarkable!

Thanks to the show Gene, could see his son, his wife and parents for the first time. He exclaimed at seeing his wife for the first time, “She’s beautiful!” Gene was overjoyed to see his one-year-old son Lincoln and parents too. The marvels of technology are astounding!