We’re All Misusing ‘Blessed’: This Is What It Really Means


The term “blessed” is commonly misused, having absolutely nothing to do with what we receive or achieve, and this is something that needs to be addressed because we are truly overlooking and disregarding its value and intended meaning.


I often hear and read comments such as, “I am so blessed to travel the world!” and “We just bought a new car. We are blessed!” and “My spouse bought me a new pair of shoes today. I feel so blessed!”

However, what should be said for those who do not share in or relate to those above-mentioned “blessings”?

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Perhaps your spouse is not in the financial position to afford a special, random gift for you or perhaps you have yet to travel outside of the city you reside in. Are those folks not considered blessed? What about the parents of sick children or people battling a disability? Did God fail to bless those people, too?

In determining that answer, it becomes clear that people often associate being blessed with certain circumstances such as privilege, wealth, health and material positions. Additionally, people assign the word “blessing” to various circumstances when there is an absence of misfortune, struggle and pain. Needless to say, “blessed” may very well be one of the most misused words among Christians. In fact, this spiritual-based word has been seized by our culture and used in a way that no longer roots in spirituality.

During our short stay on Earth, people often receive earthly gifts and privileges such as material possessions, professional success, health and other favorable outcomes, but somewhere along the way, we have been led to believe that these comforts signify the meaning of a blessing. Yes, these gifts and privileges are sent from God, and we should glorify His name and His indescribable grace; however, as sinners, we fall short and, instead, develop an attitude of pride upon receiving these worldly gifts. Worse, these worldly blessings commonly steer folks away from the true meaning of the word “blessed,” creating distance between themselves and our Savior.

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Remember, non-believers receive “blessings” as well, whether job promotions, healthy children, wealth and beautiful material possessions, yet Christians miss the mark by asserting that fortune and comfort are on account of their belief in God, and this sets up those folks for profound disappointment. When one’s dream job falls through, a woman is unable to conceive, finances are scarce or a relationship fails, they feel confused, even abandoned, because they have obeyed Christ yet their “blessings” did not come to fruition.

“I attend church, so why is misfortune constantly knocking on my door?”

“I pray every day, yet I’m unlucky in love.”

“I believe in God, and my life is still in shambles.”

Misguided believers chalk up these feelings to a lack of blessings, as if the Lord skipped over their life and shared a basket of blessings with the next person, and while this mode of thinking is not uncommon, we must remember that our need for our Savior must far surpass our desire to be fulfilled through earthly blessings.

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Admittedly, throughout life, I lost count of the number of times I needed to check myself regarding my blessings, how I use this word and the truth of God’s Word. In these introspective, honest and sometimes painful moments, I am reminded that I am blessed by Christ’s grace, love, mercy and forgiveness. Whether I receive a tangible blessing today, tomorrow or never, I have already received an abundance of blessings through the Lord, and these spiritual blessings prevail over any and every worldly blessing under the sun. As believers, whatever may externally happen to us must not change our feelings and outlook of being blessed. We are blessed by His glory, now and forever.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3).