LISTEN: He Dies Only to Rise Again—’The Bible’ Podcast, Ep. 7


Engage with the redemption of the Passion story through the “The Bible: Son of God” podcast. Join us for the final episode to experience the anguish of Jesus’ journey to the cross and the ultimate hope delivered on the third day.

We’ve reached the final episode of “The Bible: Son of God” podcast, a podcast created to honor the spirit of the Gospel story. With powerful narration by Roma Downey, limitless mobility requiring only headphones or a car stereo and captivating scoring composed by Hans Zimmer, another opportunity arises for you to engage with the stories you know and love from the record-breaking television miniseries, “The Bible” And box office hit, “Son of God”

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During the time of Passover, a lamb was traditionally sacrificed in remembrance of God freeing His people, the Israelites, from slavery in Egypt. However, this Passover is unlike any other for a different lamb is now being led to the slaughter.

In the previous episode, Jesus was sentenced to death by the Jewish authorities who needed Pilate to carry out the execution. Claudia, Pilate’s wife, has a dream and warns her husband against any involvement with the execution of Jesus. In order to elicit the desired response from Pilate, the temple authorities stir up the crowd, demanding that Jesus be crucified, knowing that fear of a rebellion will force Pilate’s hand. Pilate reluctantly agrees to the torture and crucifixion of Jesus.

Jesus stumbles into the courtyard, hardly recognizable after being tortured, wearing a grotesque crown of thorns and blood-drenched, tattered clothing. He willingly grabs hold of a roughly hewn cross, as if to embrace the pain and agony that is in store, and kisses the splintered wood. Rising to His feet, and hoisting the cross onto His shoulder, Jesus drags the heavy burden forward into the streets.

People in the streets hurl insults and disgust at Jesus—the same people who had welcomed Him into the city streets with cheers earlier that week; “He was despised and rejected by mankind,” the prophet Isaiah foretells, “a man of suffering and familiar with pain, like one from whom men hide their faces.” Jesus is nailed to the cross and raised upright to hang from it.

“He’s gone” John says. “Not gone,” says Peter, “He’s back.”

Hanging on crosses of their own, on each side of Jesus, are two criminals. The request made of Jesus by one comes as a surprise to the other. This one criminal has seen the true identity of Jesus in the face of their horrific fates. The sky grows dark. It is finished.

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Three days later, Mary Magdalene, leads Peter & John to the tomb where He was laid. The heavy stone has inexplicably been rolled away. Has the body been stolen? “He’s gone” John says. “Not gone,” says Peter, “He’s back.”

Tune in now to hear this incredible final episode of “The Bible: Son of God” Podcast to experience the anguish of Jesus’ journey to the cross and the ultimate hope delivered on the third day.