LISTEN: ‘The Bible’ Podcast: Ep. 4, What Lengths Will People Go to Stop Jesus?


Engage with the redemption of the Passion story through the “The Bible: Son of God” podcast. Join us for episode four, as the people continue to follow Jesus. Where do the limits of Jesus’ supernatural power lie? Is there anything He can’t do?

Welcome back to “The Bible Series: Son of God” Podcast, a transformative repurposing of the record-breaking television miniseries, “The Bible” and box office hit, “Son of God,” from producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.

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“The Bible: Son of God” podcast brings to us the story of Jesus with powerful narration by Roma Downey and captivating score by Hans Zimmer. Combine that with the limitless mobility inherent to podcasts, and you’ll finish every episode excited for the next. For fans of “The Bible” television series, or anyone who wishes to share the narrative of Jesus Christ this Easter Season, this podcast is for you!

Surely, Jesus will be their king, the disciples and the gathering people believe.

In our latest episode, travel along with Jesus and his disciples to Bethany, a village near Jerusalem, and the home of Lazarus, Jesus’ dear friend. As we arrive, we find Martha, Lazarus’ sister, waiting tearfully at the entrance of the village, where she delivers news that deeply moves Jesus: Lazarus has died. Jesus has come too late; perhaps if he had come sooner, Lazarus would still be alive.

Watching anxiously, the two sisters reflect on their brother’s death four days ago. Lazarus has been dead for four days. Surely there’s nothing Jesus can do.

Where do the limits of Jesussupernatural power lie? Is there anything He cant do?

As the family of Lazarus and Jesus’ disciples watch in wonder, Jesus does something that astonishes everyone. Something that will, once again, reach the ears of Jewish authorities in Jerusalem. Because Jesus is planning to spend Passover in the Holy City the authorities know that His presence will gather great crowds during a time of outright political tension, posing a threat to the already precarious stability of Jerusalem. The Jewish High Priest concocts a plan to prevent any such occurrence.

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Yet, the Sunday before Passover, Jesus and his disciples ride into the city and receive a magnificent greeting from the people laying palm leaves upon his path: surely, Jesus will be their king, the disciples and the gathering people believe. Jewish authorities have become increasingly nervous about Jesus and his popularity with the people

To what lengths will religious and political forces go to prevent an uprising? Is there anyone who will recognize the greater significance of Jesusmessage?

Listen now to experience Jesus’ proclamation of hope and the threat it poses to the different systems vying for control.