LISTEN: The Last Supper, Jesus’ Betrayal on ‘The Bible’ Podcast, Ep. 5


Engage with the redemption of the Passion story through the “The Bible: Son of God” podcast. Join us for episode five and enter into the mystery, fear, betrayal, pain and promise of a unique and special Passover.

Welcome back to “The Bible: Son of God” podcast, where the Bible stories you know and love from the record-breaking television miniseries, “The Bible,” and box office hit Son of God, have been transformed into a new, versatile platform: podcasts. With powerful narration by Roma Downey, limitless mobility requiring only headphones or a car stereo and captivating scoring composed by Hans Zimmer, another opportunity arises for you to engage with the most impactful book of all time.

Who is this Jesus, truly, and what has He come for?

In episode 4 of “The Bible: Son of God” Podcast, the disciples watched in amazement as Jesus resurrected his friend, Lazarus, who had been dead for four days.

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Jesus is then welcomed into Jerusalem by crowds of people—who believe He is their long-promised liberator king— proclaiming, “Messiah!” Religious authorities, however, fearful of Roman retribution, plot to silence Jesus.

As Passover nears, the tension in Jerusalem continues to intensify. Fueled by Roman tyranny, violent mobs form. In response, Pontius Pilate summons the Jewish religious authorities for a meeting.

Will the temple be closed and the Passover observation halted?

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, Jesus gathers with his disciples for a meal. The tone of this meal undergoes an enormous shift when Jesus reveals to his disciples something that will cause them to question everything they have come to believe. Who is this Jesus, truly, and what has He come for? What will become of the disciples and everything Jesus has worked to achieve?

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Drawing parallels with the food and drink they share at the table, Jesus makes a prediction about His own fate shedding light on acts of secrecy and betrayal that are underway, perpetrated by one of their own—one of Jesus’ disciples and a fellow friend of the other disciples will betray him.

Heartbroken and in disbelief, the disciples sit with Jesus and ponder what they have just learned. What Jesus is about to endure, none of them can begin to fathom. Listen now to enter into the mystery, fear, betrayal, pain and promise that characterized this unique Passover evening.