7 Excellent Bible Movies You’ve Likely Never Seen


Missed these classics in the box office? Here are seven Bible movies that are a must-watch.


Here are seven Bible movies that will move and inspire you. Well rated movies that tell of the Christian scriptural narratives. What is your favorite?

1. The Nativity Story

This film ranks 15th best-grossing Christian film of all time. Highlighting the story of Mary and Joseph, and the birth of Jesus. It highlights Mary’s obedience to God as a young girl. Rated PG.

2. The Star

The star is a cute animated Bible film about the nativity. It tells the story of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus from the perspective of the farm animals. It’s the first animated faith-based film in almost a decade! Rated PG.

3. Ben-Hur (2016)

A story of betrayal, revenge and brothers in Imperial Rome. The plot is set in the time of Christ also walking the earth. It is not a Bible-centered movie but we do see Jesus portrayed and even Him on the cross. If you are a fan of the Bible Series creators Mark Burnett and Roma Downey it is a must-watch! Rated PG-13.

4. Joseph: King of Dreams

DreamWorks gives us another delightful animated Bible story film. From the creators of the hit The Prince of Egypt and the same musicians too. It chronicles the story of Joseph thrown into slavery and then risen to be the lead advisor of Egypt. 

5. Paul: Apostle of Christ

With a phenomenal cast James Faulkner (Downton Abbey) playing Paul, and Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) playing Luke. The story chronicles the apostle Paul’s life story while he sits in prison in his last days. The apostle Luke is there to write down all of Paul’s teachings. Rated PG-13.

6. The Gospel of John

This is a unique biblical film because it actually has the actors depicting the Bible word for word. The film is three hours long. The scriptural text is not deterred from in this adaptation. Rated PG-13.

7. The Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Most Christian films add to the biblical narrative for the sake of the storyline. These films pride themselves on quoting the bible word for word. They even use actors from the middle east, to represent the cultural biblical context of the day.