Bethenny Frankel Donates 500k Face Masks, 20k Sanitation Kits—Keep It Going!


Hospitals and households scramble to get the proper protective gear during the coronavirus outbreak. Thankfully, Bethenny Frankel has found a solution.

As everyone continues to do their part to make an impact on the “curve” of the coronavirus outbreak, hospitals continue to be overrun with new patients. They may be putting on brave faces for us all, but the reality is if they don’t have access to the proper protective gear they are just as vulnerable to the virus as we are. And we need them safe now more than ever!

Alyssa Estrada, an instrument sterilization technician, points out, “If something happens, how are we going to keep our department running if we don’t have the manpower?”

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Hospitals such as Mt Sinai are running out of essentials such as masks, forcing their personnel to use only one mask a day and to sanitize it after ever each patient visit.

In light of this, Bethenny Frankel, founder of the worldwide disaster relief initiative B Strong, has taken it upon herself to donate 500,000 masks to hospitals across the country. Having already been an incredible source of light and hope for people during disasters such as Hurricane Michael, the Paradise fires and most recently the Puerto Rico Earthquake, B Strong is providing support to not only the hospitals but to you at home as well through “Corona Kits.”

“We have 20,000 Corona Kits in our assembly line being created in Miami. We have an application online and people can just request one if needed and they will be mailed directly to their homes across the country. We are having the eight ounce sanitizer produced just for BStrong.”

The kits contain hand sanitizer, a hydration kit, gloves, immune boosters, a B Strong cash card and hospital recommendations.

Bethenny and her team are working overtime to get ahead of this crisis and continue to diminish the curve. But they also need your help to continue production and distribution. We can all be a part of the solution. B Strong is taking zero admin costs from all donations. Please donate today.