Surprising Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone


If we find ourselves stagnant, it’s important to get out, maybe take a day trip alone somewhere, and push ourselves out of our comfort zones for a bit. 

Everyone should be the new kid at least one time in life—and truthfully, most people have been. Walking into a room and having the overwhelming sensation of not knowing anyone can be a scary feeling. It is out of our comfort zone as social creatures that tend to enjoy staying within areas of security. For some, this is a lot easier than it is for others. Some people thrive on a new environment and enjoy getting to know new people whenever they get the chance. For others, this is a lot more difficult. It is important for everyone to do—no matter how you approach it.

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The ability to be the “new kid,” to venture outside of our usual pattern and routine is a blessing and should be seen as such. In order to be outside of our comfort zone, we have to remember that this means we do, in fact, have a “comfort zone” to return to. This is why it is important to break out of it occasionally. It will challenge us, but it will also give us empathy for those who are new.

Surprising Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

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This practice will look different for everyone, but it is helpful to occasionally take into consideration the way in which we are living our daily lives. If we are feeling stagnant and bored, it might be time to push ourselves into a new direction. This can take many forms. Maybe it looks like a day trip to a new city or taking a train somewhere for the first time by ourselves. It might be something as simple as figuring out public transportation and going on a mini adventure where we could get lost and find somewhere new. This might mean trying out a new workout class or going to a club meeting without being personally invited.

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Social media has made it much more convenient to find our zones of comfort and to stay inside of them. It is also much easier to find out if we know anyone going to an event or not if it is posted on social media sites. Sometimes, we should take a break from these tools and just go into a situation without knowing much about it. This is a similar practice to reading a book without doing research on the plot, or going to a city without looking up pictures of places beforehand.

Let the plot of the day take you where it will. You might just be surprised at what you learn about yourself along the way.