The Battle for Self-Worth


It hurts to constantly fight for worth, but it's worth the effort. What do we do when we feel that being ourselves isn’t good enough?
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What happens when being just you isn’t good enough?

Destructive words trap you in your own skin, in your own mind; they slowly suffocate your soul.

You hear these words far too often, the words that tell you that you aren’t good enough; you hear them from the people you look up to, your friends, society and eventually from yourselves with enough recurrence from our surroundings.

That’s what’s heartbreaking, with enough repetition you begin to believe the lies that you are not worth it, that you are not valuable, that you are useless, that you are not good enough. You are not good enough to participate in what you love because your surroundings are your dictator rather than simply being a circumference of current existence.

It hurts to constantly fight for worth, but it is so valuable.

LightWorkers The Battle for Self-Worth.

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It’s important to realize, you get to decide who is in your life, telling you who you are. Take a stand and decide that the people who accept you for your quirks and abnormalities are the people you truly need. They see you, in your mess, and love you because they know you are so valuable. There is power in the words spoken over you. Whether they are words said by you about yourself or by another party, there is power. There have been a number of studies done on the power of words and the effect that they have on those spoken to.

In one study, they placed two plants in separate rooms and cared for both of the plants in a way that would maintain health, but to one plant they spoke positive words and to the other they spoke negative words. The plant that had been spoken to kindly grew much faster than the other plant, which died within the first week of the study.

When you hear something enough you begin to believe it. When you hear the positive words you start to believe them. You start to feel them in your bones. You feel them on your skin. You start to see who you really are.

You are blessed

You are loved

You are useful

You are beautiful

You are confident

You are capable

You are amazing

You are favored

You are creative

You are joyful

You are kind

You are loving

You are giving

You are helpful

You are fantastic

You shouldn’t let someone’s, even your own, skewed perception of yourself determine who you think you are. There is such an importance in building each other up, in affirmation. You should believe in each other. If other people are tearing one another down for being who they are, it is so important to have someone to tell the truth about who they are. While it is vital to speak positive and encouraging things over yourself, it is even better to have another source of those encouraging words.

Surround yourself with people who tell you who you are. You need to support one another and encourage each other to do the best you are capable of and be who you were created to be.

LightWorkers The Battle for Self-Worth.

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It is imperative to encourage one another, but it is just as crucial to not compare yourselves to the people you think are better than you, to the people you see getting the opportunities that you desire. Comparison breeds imperfection. The more you compare yourselves to the people around you the more imperfect you think you are. You were created to be you, because if you weren’t you’d be someone else.

The whole purpose for this is to say that you are amazing. There is not one ounce of you that isn’t supposed to be here.

No matter what you have done in the past or what you may do in the future, you are of immeasurable value.

Your value is not determined by someone’s inability to see your worth. Even if that special person, or that job, or that friend or that talent scout told you that you didn’t measure up, what they say doesn’t define how amazing you are. The only person who can truly define your worth is you.

You have the power of your mind to let words enter and stick to you or to throw them out and take a stand for the truth that you are valuable; that you are worth it; that you are good enough.